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Types of Private Readings with Danielle:

Mediumship Readings:

During your private session Danielle will use her spirit guides who will help her bring through your loved ones. Danielle has developed a process that helps her merge with your loved ones energy. She will bring forth their personality and evidence that may help in your healing process.

Of course we want our loved ones with us here on earth and although Danielle cannot bring them back, she has helped many receive comfort in her messages that will leave you without a doubt that your loved ones are still with you.

Danielle will work with you, explain her process and how she has learned to know and understand what your loved ones are saying.  It is always her intention to provide healing and understanding that we are never alone.

Life Guidance Reading:

During this type of reading, Danielle will not ask you about what you are hoping to receive guidance on.  This is done deliberately as she will utilize her strong connection with her spirit guides and those guides will access your energy.  She will identify which one of her guides is stepping forward on your behalf. Every guide is drawn to provide support based on what we are going through. 

Her guides will check in with you and share what they are accessing within your life that needs support and healing. They will then share their insights on how you can shift your energy so that you can move forward in your life with new perspective and new hope.

These readings can really help change your life and provide insight on career, relationships and so much more.  If you are struggling to find your way a life guidance reading is for you!

Hybrid Reading:

Are you in need of hearing from your loved ones AND receiving higher life guidance? If so, this type of reading is the perfect mix to help you receive support from your loved ones and spirit.

Danielle will begin by bringing forward your loved ones and sharing their messages of support.

She will identify who is stepping forward and share her specific process of blending with their energy. This process helps us know that we are never without our loved ones. She will share their personality and specific messages that will help you know that your loved ones see what you are going through.

Once your loved ones begin to share what you are experiencing here on earth, if life guidance is warranted, she will bring through one of her guides to get their higher perspective on what is for your highest good. These readings are the perfect way to connect with your loved ones and receive guidance that can truly help transform your life.

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"Our session was extraordinary and beyond all expectations! Danielle gave us countless special gifts, amazing messages and details... our hearts are full."

Remy R.

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"I have had perhaps 100 readings over the years with different psychic mediums, and I must say that Danielle is PHENOMENAL... I HIGHLY recommend her and that is a stamp of approval that I rarely give."

Susan D.

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Private Readings In Person or Virtual and are one hour in length 


Live readings are at Danielle's office located at 707 Lakeside Office Park, Southampton, PA) or via Zoom - cost is $350

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Group Readings via Zoom are two hours in length - cost for up to 6 people is $750 - cost for 7 to 10 people is $1,000

Group Readings in person are two hours in length with up to 10 people at your destination (within a 25 mile radius of Southampton, PA) cost is $1,200


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Gallery Readings via Zoom and are two hours in length and consist of a group no larger than 10 - you may sign up as an individual or with friends - cost is $100 per person.

During that time, Danielle will provide messages from spirit and makes an effort to read everyone present.

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